Atlanta Replacement Window Options


All windows and doors have a variety of options to choose from. Be sure you are familiar with all the options to get just the look you want. Choose from a variety of popular exterior colors, interior colors, rich woodgrain laminates and custom hardware finishes, to create a custom style that fits your home décor.  There are many replacement window options available. Our job is to try an help homeowner’s find the perfect window for their home.

Simonton Makes a Difference for Replacement Window Options

Sure, wood and vinyl windows may perform similarly when it comes to energy efficiency, but when you consider ease of installation, wood’s high-maintenance requirements and the availability of rich, textured, realistic woodgrain laminates for vinyl windows, vinyl becomes the outstanding choice for all these reasons:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Great insulating value
  3. Beauty and appearance of wood without the hassle of maintaining it
  4. Strength and durability
  5. Excellent resistance to rotting, corrosion, salt air, termites and air pollutants.

Why Vinyl Windows Gives Homeowner’s Flexibility

  • Vinyl retains its finish – there’s no need to sand, re-stain and repaint!
  • Vinyl won’t pit, peel or flake like wood.
  • Vinyl holds up to repeated use, maintaining its beauty year after year.
  • The only maintenance vinyl usually required is a quick washing, after which it looks as good as new.
  • Beautiful, durable and realistic interior wood laminates are available today is a variety of popular woodgrains such as oak, cherry and maple. Allowing you to have the rich look of wood in your home with all the maintenance.

The good news is your decision doesn’t have to be difficult. Call Jeff Today to find out more about Vinyl Windows 770-318-8514