How to Avoid High Pressure Sales for Atlanta Window Replacement


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High Pressure Sales Tactic Atlanta Replacement Windows

Be aware of the sales companies that have sense of urgency when purchasing replacement windows in Atlanta.  Some of the most common ones are; buy 4 windows and get one free, or free installation with the purchase of 2 windows or more.  All these companies are doing is jacking up the original price. Many companies want the homeowner to make a decision while they are in the home so they come up with different promotions to help the deal for Atlanta Windows Buyers.  Our industry if full of marketing ploys like the price is only good for today, or this- week only.  The biggest reason they do this is so you don’t get other estimates.

We approach our customers with complete honesty and no pressure.  We take pride in the fact that we offer no high-pressure sales, along with the benefit of offering affordable prices.

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