Tips For Hiring A Contractor

Window Replacement AlpharettaHiring a Contractor can be an important decision.  A home improvement job gone wrong can cost you.  Picking the best window installer can be a big task.  Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Tips for Hiring the Best Window Contractor

  1. Cleaning/Picking Up.  A quality contractor will make sure the job site is cleaned up at the end of the day, even if the project lasts for several weeks. Before you start a project, establish guidelines for how your home will be cleaned at the end of each day and where materials will be stored.
  2. Do you offer an installation warranty? Many contractors offer a warranty or guarantee on their work, and it’s important to know ahead of time what it covers and how long it remains in effect. In addition, the manufacturers of the products used on your home typically have a warranty as well. As soon as your products are installed, make sure you register the warranty and keep a copy on hand in case you ever have issues.
  3. What’s their timeline for completing this project? Does their answer reasonable? If you’re unsure if the time frame is reasonable, ask about similar projects they’ve done and the time those projects took.
  4. How long have you been in business?  This will give credibility to your contractor. If they’ve been in business for five or more years in your area, then they will have a reputation to maintain. In addition, you should be able to find reviews and testimonials of their previous work.
  5. What’s your payment schedule?  Never trust a contractor that asks you to pay for the entire project upfront. The Better Business Bureau recommends arranging a small down payment and then paying for how much work is completed as the project progresses. Do NOT make the final payment until the job is completed.
  6.  Will you take care of getting any building permits?  Not every job will require permits or inspections, but most remodeling projects that change the structure of the home will. Your contractor should know what kind of permits you need, how to get them and be willing to pull them for you.
  7.  Do you have insurance for yourself and your crew?  Make sure they are fully insured.
  8. Are you hiring sub-contractors for this job?  Make sure you’re aware of who is going to be in your home every day. Ask your contractor who will be responsible for opening your home and locking up, who will supervise sub-contractors on site, and who to call with any questions.
  9. Ask Neighbors & Friends..  Asking your family and friends can be a helpful resource for you.
  10. The experts at Simonton Windows have created the following checklist to help you hire the best window installer for your project.  We consider Simonton Windows the best windows in vinyl replacement windows cumming gathe vinyl window industry.  Feel free to click on link to visit their website.
    • Seek out written estimates from at least three different installers. If there are price variations, ask for an explanation and don’t simply select the lowest bidder. Have the installers itemize their estimates.
    • Verify insurance policies for best window contractors.
    • Determine if the project bid being offered by an installer is an estimate or a fixed price. If it’s an estimate, determine a specific amount by which the price could increase on the job and set a cap.
    • Visit current jobsites of installers you’re interviewing to see their safety practices and how they treat the house.


When it comes time to replacing your windows, how can you be confident you’re choosing the right contractor for the job?  Hiring the best window installer is similar to hiring other professionals in the building industry – you should do your research beforehand to ensure a good outcome.

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