There Are Numerous Decorative Options for Replacement Windows

Choose Your Operating Style: A wide variety of window and door styles provide functional options that are both pretty and smart. Choose Your Unique Configuration: A wide variety of window and door styles provide functional options that are both pretty and smart. Choose Your Style Options: Choose from a portfolio of popular exterior colors, interior colors, […]

Patio Doors Can Truly Enrich Your Home & Add Value

  Whether you want easier access to your back garden or a spectacular view of the country,  the right set of patio doors can truly enrich and add value to your home.      Your Options When Shopping for Energy-Efficient Patio Doors That’s why Simonton offers several door styles, for both replacement and new construction applications. […]

ENERGY STAR Windows Can Benefit Your Home

Go green when installing energy star replacement windows.   To reduce energy costs and to help keep the home’s temperature consistently comfortable, many people opt to replace old drafty windows with new energy star replacement windows. Why buy ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors?  When you have ENERGY STAR replacement windows, you know you have […]

Happy Customers Are Our Top Priority

We know there are many choices when it comes to hiring a vinyl window contractor. Which is why we go above and beyond to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with our services.       The 3 basic principles of an honest vinyl window contractor are Provide honest information Don’t hassle or pressure Deliver […]

Top 5 Reasons Homeowner’s Choose Double-Hung Vinyl Windows

Our top selling double-hung vinyl windows style are the Simonton Reflections 5500.  Having two movable sash that tilt inwards makes for very easy cleaning. Simonton’s vinyl double hung vinyl windows are manufactured to very high standards to offer the highest quality and exceptional energy efficiency. With Simonton’s range of styles, colors, and other options, they […]

Replacement Window Projects Generate High ROI 2015

If your windows are more than 15 years old, you may be putting up with draftiness, windows that stick in their frames, and skyrocketing energy bills. Energy-efficient windows would be a great improvement project.  According to remodeler magazine, the replacement projects outlined in the “Cost vs. Value Report” that feature vinyl windows, shows that replacement window […]

Replacement Windows Are A Good Choice for Your Home

Choosing the best replacement window depends on how much you want to spend, what type of look you want, how much maintenance you’re willing to do,  or pay for, and where you live will depend upon Replacement Windows average cost. Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular type of window by far. The reasons are clear: they […]

Replacement Projects Will Give You More Added Value Than Remodeling Projects

Even though it’s April I wanted to send out a blog post that would help homeowners get a head start on home improvement projects.  All of these projects can add to the curb appeal and overall value of your home.  Vinyl replacements windows add value to your home while sprucing up your exterior.  Listed below […]

Is Your Money Going Out the Window

    Energy Star Vinyl Replacement Windows can lower your energy costs and increase your home’s comfort while increasing your home’s value. Energy Star Labels Should Meet 6 Specific Guidelines Product categories must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.  According to the Energy Star Guidelines 29% of your energy bills goes towards heating and 17% toward […]

Top Reasons to Buy Vinyl Replacement Windows This Spring

  Usually by the time a homeowner makes the call to us they know why they are shopping for vinyl replacement windows.  There are a few reasons why you should buy vinyl replacement windows.  It doesn’t seem like it would be fun to buy windows. But, from my own experience it makes a big difference. […]

Does Remodeling Help Increase Your Home’s Value?

If you’re living in a home with any out dated features, you might want to consider a little update before trying to sell it.  Outdated features are often overlooked here are few that might help  When considering what home improvements to pursue, it is helpful to understand what projects will help increase your home’s value […]

 What are the Best Vinyl Window Styles When Considering Safety?

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a cherished older home, there’s a lot to think about. What are the best types of windows to have in a home with small children? How often should family fire drills be held? What type of glass should you have in windows to help prevent noise penetration […]

Choosing a Window Style for Your Home

Remember that investing in Vinyl Window Replacements not only makes the inside of your home beautiful, it makes the outside look gorgeous as well. Whereas other home improvement investments only look good on the inside OR the outside.  We wanted to spend a few moments talking about different window styles.     You have options […]

How to Add Beauty to Your Home’s Exterior

Did you know that replacement doors can add curb-appeal to your home’s exterior? Whether you’re building new or renovating, each product and color choice you make is an opportunity to develop your personal style statement while enhancing the curb appeal and resale value of your property. The problem is that if you are like most homeowners, […]

Do I Need To Replace My Windows?

By improving the performance of your windows, you may be able to save on energy bills. Many people in the market for energy efficient windows wonder if they can get products that will help reduce air conditioning bills in the summer and cut heating bills during the winter. 

  You can indeed find products that make […]

Top 5 Reasons Vinyl Windows Are a Smart Investment

Vinyl windows vs wood windows raises some questions. Did you know that  you can have the look of wood windows without the maintenance? Most homeowners don’t realize that there are wood grain laminates that look like wood. Vinyl is definitely the smarter choice and over the long term, there’s simply no comparison when it comes to […]

Add Beauty to Your Home’s Exterior by Adding Color

Replacement windows add value to your home while updating your home’s exterior. How adding color to your home’s exterior can add beauty and value.  When you begin looking at how to update your home’s exterior color is the best place to start.   Think about the personal statement you want to make on your home’s […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Replacement Windows

We are often asked about the difference in the bow window vs. bay window?  We consider Simonton Windows to be one of the best window manufacturers in the market.  Here are a few tips when shopping for window styles. We think that it’s best to look at all styles first, then make a list of […]

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering New Replacement Windows?

How do I know if I need to replace my windows? 1. Do your windows leak? 2. Is there wood rot? 3. Do you hear noises outside? 4. Is your energy bill high?  5. Do you have storm windows? 6. Is the glass double-pane? 7. Do you need to update your home? 8. Are there […]

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Windows for Your Home

What are the best vinyl window styles for your kitchen remodel project? When it comes to remodeling your kitchen you must consider many different aspects to consider; cabinets, counters, and floors. According to’s 2015 Cost Vs. Value Report, window replacement – whether wood, vinyl or fiberglass – provides a good return on investment compared to […]