Top 5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Replacement Windows

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We are often asked about the difference in the bow window vs. bay window?  We consider Simonton Windows to be one of the best window manufacturers in the market.  Here are a few tips when shopping for window styles. We think that it’s best to look at all styles first, then make a list of what you need in the room.  Bow window vs. bay window is a good place to start when learning about different styles.


Simonton has several different styles and series to choose from.

If you want a window seat than you might look at the bay window as an option.Bay windows or Bow windows create extra space in your home as they project out from your home. They have a seat board that can be used for additional seating or decorations. Bay windows are more angular in appearance and create great views of the outside with a large center picture window. Bow windows have a more rounded appearance. With our range of styles, colors, and other options, they fit well in any home providing great curb appeal.


 The Top 5 Questions to Ask when Choosing a Window Style?

1. Do you need more light?

2. Is privacy an issue?

3. Do you like fresh air?

4. Are you desiring curb appeal?

5. What style is your home?


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