Top Reasons to Buy Vinyl Replacement Windows This Spring


vinyl replacement windows gainesville gaUsually by the time a homeowner makes the call to us they know why they are shopping for vinyl replacement windows.  There are a few reasons why you should buy vinyl replacement windows.  It doesn’t seem like it would be fun to buy windows. But, from my own experience it makes a big difference.

Top Benefits That Vinyl Replacement Windows Offer Homeowners

Easy to Open & Close –  One of the top reasons is that old windows stick. It is very difficult to open and shut old windows.  Usually the screens are either gone or off of the windows.  It makes spring time tough, if you want to open your windows and let the fresh air move through your home.

Reduce Draftiness- Not only is the noise creeping into your home, so is that nasty draft. Again- your windows may look fine, but when you start seeing the curtains billow a bit, or feel a breeze when you walk past, it’s a good time to start thinking vinyl window replacement.

Saves on Energy – Of course most people understand that when you have double pane window that your energy bill will drop.

Add Beauty- Old or damaged windows can make your home look unattractive. Remember- investing in window replacement not only makes the inside of your home beautiful, it makes the outside look gorgeous as well. Whereas other home improvement investments only look good on the inside OR the outside. You get more bang for your buck with you replace old windows.

The best windows from tests completed by consumer reports

In tests given by consumer reports of wooden, vinyl and fiberglass double-hung and casement windows we found 12 that performed well enough to recommend including four that we named CR Best Buys. Simonton Replacement Windows are one of the window manufacturers to choose from when selecting vinyl windows.  This article helps consumers figure out if they just need repair or if they need to replace windows.


If you need help learning more about vinyl window replacement give Jeff a call at 770-318-8514.  He is the expert when it comes to vinyl window installation.