The Advantages of Installing Double Pane Replacement Windows

energy efficient windows alpharetta gaOne unique selling point regarding doubled pane windows is their ability to insulate a home. The windows allow your home to stay cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months. Double pane windows are effective for insulation because of the properties that are contained between the panes. However, when these types of windows become damaged, it may be time for you to consider purchasing double pane replacement windows.

Double pane windows are not only energy efficient; they also add curb appeal to your home or office. The windows can also enhance the interior décor of your home or office. 

There are several other advantages of adding these windows to your home.

Double Pane Replacement Windows Are Easy To Clean

One surprising advantage that homeowners discover after having double pane windows installed is that the windows are extremely easy to clean. You will know that it is time to clean the windows if the natural light from the sun appears dull as it enters your home. If you are not sure that you can clean the double pane windows effectively without causing damage to the glass, you can contact a professional window cleaning service. 

Double Pane Replacement Windows Reduce the Amount of Incoming Noise

If your home is located near a busy intersection or highway, you may have to deal with environmental noise on a daily basis. Double pane windows help to reduce the amount of noise that is filtered into your home. This means that after the windows have been installed, you should notice a dramatic decrease in any noise you may hear from:

  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • People
  • Specific sources

The Replacement Windows Are Thicker

As previously discussed, a double pane window provides more insulation than a single pane window. Double pane windows are thicker with an R-value of almost 1.80. Single pane windows have an R-value of only 0.85. 

The Replacement Windows Have More UV Coating

The UV coating on double pane windows is higher than on single pane windows. As a result, the interior area of your home is protected from sun damage. 

When you are ready to have double pane replacement windows installed in your home, make sure that you purchase ones that are appropriate for the climate you live in. A licensed professional contractor will be able to help you select the right windows for your home, and also install the windows for you.

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