Winter Months Survival Tips for Energy-Efficiency Savings

replacement windows atlanta gaWindows are one of your home’s most attractive features.   We have several tips that will help keep their electric bills down.   If you home has single pane windows, consider replacing them with double pane windows with high performance glass.  Cold winter months Atlanta Windows,  with low-e coatings reflect back part of your room’s heat in the winter.

Georgia Window Installation Saves Energy

Energy Star ratings can estimate that almost one-third of a home’s energy is lost through inefficient windows.  If you have old windows in your home, follow the guidelines listed below to help lower your bills during the winter months. Atlanta Vinyl Windows provides double pane energy-efficient windows. During the winter months, many homeowners see the highest energy bills of the year.By installing window that are energy efficient, it takes less to keep the home warm because no heat is escaping.  Replacement Windows lowers the possibility of high heating bills.

We Would Like to Offer Some Tips for Saving Energy 

  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Seal off unused room
  • Check your window frames for cracks
  • Close your curtain and shades at night to protect cold drafts; open them during the    day to let in warm sunlight
  • Repair and weatherize Atlanta windows
  • Check all exterior doors for leaks

Long Term Savings for Georgia Window Installation

  • Look for a low solar heat gain coefficient
  • Have your windows installed by trained professional
  • Select a window with low U-factors
  • Look for Energy Star Label

We can help you choose the right glass package for your Georgia Window Installation needs.

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