Guidelines for Atlanta Window Installation

Atlanta Window Installation

Atlanta Window Installation

We have a few helpful tips for homeowners when they are evaluating window companies in Atlanta.  Not all window installations are created equal.  The following are some guidelines to help identify key areas of installation that can directly affect the amount of air that can pass through a window as well as overall functionality and ease of operation.

In order for a window to seal properly, it must be correctly installed in a way that allows the weather stripping in all areas of the frame and sash to make proper contact and compression while still permitting the window to function. Ideally a window should be installed perfectly plumb, level and square, but it is important not to rely entirely on exact measurements. Identifying areas where the weather stripping may not be making proper contact is also a very useful tool in diagnosing potential issues. When shopping for a good window installation contractor they should be able to provide you with accurate information.

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In the closed and locked position, visually inspect the reveals of the fin seal weather-stripping located between the sides of the frame and the sash of the window both side jambs of the window frame should be plumb and straight without a bow in or out that could prevent the window from sealing or operating normally.  We provide top notch service which sets us apart from other window companies in Atlanta.

Here are few helpful tips for proper window installation. Does the weather-stripping make good contact and compression with the frame along both sides of the sash in all areas? For a proper seal the weather-stripping should be adequately compressed against the frame equally from top to bottom

Seals along the sides of the top and bottom sash must make adequate contact with the frame.  Are there gaps or even visible daylight between the sash weather strip and frame? either of the two could indicate that the side jambs of the frame have not been properly shimmed at the middle of the window. This will prevent the weather-stripping from properly sealing against the frame.

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