Inspecting Your Windows For Replacement

Cold Weather Window Evaluation Tips

Today is a cold day in Georgia, with snow accumulating up to 7 inches in Cumming, Georgia. If you’re inside your home with the heat cranked up, it is time to inspect your windows for replacement. Here are a few tips from Simonton Windows for Cold Weather Window Evaluations. Window Replacement is easy affordable solution to help homeowners save on their utility bills.

Tip #1 – Examine the inside of your windows and patio doors for hot and cold “drafty” spots (or drafty areas). This indicates air infiltration which can lead to reduced energy efficiency.
Tip #2 – Check every window and door to make sure there is adequate weatherstripping and caulking around the units. This helps eliminate air infiltration and ensure a weather tight, secure seal.
Tip #3 – Look for “burnt out” or faded areas on your furnishings and carpeting. This could indicate harmful, damaging UV rays are entering your home through your windows or doors. You may want to consider replacement with more energy efficient units containing Low E coatings on the glass.
Tip #4 – If your windows no longer open or close easily–or if they need to be propped open–it could mean key components within the units are damaged or need adjustment. It could also mean the unit needs to be replaced entirely.
Tip #5 – Check the “fit” of your current windows or patio doors by having someone stand outside the units at night. With a small flashlight, stand inside and “travel” around the edge of the units. If the person outside sees light coming through the edges, this indicates a poor installation and is resulting in energy loss.
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Cold Weather Window Evaluation Tips – Kathy Ziprik | Simonton Windows