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Replacement Windows

What Factors Can Affect An ENERGY STAR Qualification?
Several product features can improve a atlanta window or door’s ability to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines. Features such as low emissivity glass, the size of the air space inside the insulating glass unit and the type of frame and sash material are just a few product attributes that can alter how well a window or door meets the established ENERGY STAR guidelines in a specific area of the country.   To ensure our windows and doors can be order to meet the regionally specific ENERGY STAR criteria, Simonton has developed ENERGY STAR glass packages  for each climate zone – ENERGY STAR Certification.

The average American household spends $1500 – $2500 every year on energy bills, and 45 percent of this amount is for heating and cooling.

When shopping for windows, you will face several choices regarding the style and type of window you want. This page provides an introduction in to the common styles and choices you will face — and provides visual “descriptions” so that you can have a thorough understanding when making such important decisions for your home. We have provided information that will help homeowners become educated regarding window energy performance.  This document you can print for your own convenience –  Questions about Window Energy Performance – Understanding the NFRC Label.


National Fenestration Rating Council


Save today with energy saving vinyl windows in Atlanta.

Energy efficiency is more important than ever. That’s why we are continuously looking for ways to make our windows and doors as thermally efficient as possible.

The materials we use and the glass packages we offer to our dedication as an ENERGY STAR partner, we’ve got you covered when it comes to energy efficiency for vinyl windows in Atlanta.  We offer a variety of optional glass packages that combine the most effective window replacement features and advanced designs to achieve thermal performance and energy savings.  We help choose the right glass package for vinyl windows in your home.

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