Replacement Window Glass Helps Lower Energy Bills

replacement window glass, Woodstock, GASimonton Windows offers a variety of optional glass packages that combine the most effective features and advanced designs to achieve truly impressive year-round thermal performance and energy savings. By choosing the right glass package for your home and begin to reap the benefits of an ultra energy-efficient window and door. We offer our homeowner’s choices when we bring Simonton Windows into their homes.  Atlanta Vinyl Windows allows homeowners options when shopping for replacement window glass.

Replacement Window Glass Packages Delivers Efficiency, Value, and Comfort.

Your windows and doors should be energy-efficient. Simonton Windows has developed innovative, high performance glass packages designed to meet your specific needs. Simonton Windows has made it remarkably easy to choose a glass package that will help keep your home comfortable and energy bills lower.

Replacement Window Glass Decreases Energy Bills

We like to mention homeowners that have chosen Simonton Windows in their homes.   Below is some information given by Mr. & Mrs. McDowell.

“Dollar-for-dollar, Simonton windows offer the best value,” says McDowell, a resident of Evergreen Park, Ill. “That’s what I’ve told my customers, and it’s what I believe. That’s why I had them installed in my home.”

McDowell’s confidence in Simonton’s windows paid off immediately. Before the window replacement, he and his wife Gloria were already on a budgeted energy payment plan with Northern Illinois Gas Company. And as he started his window replacement project, McDowell was notified to expect an energy price hike that would more than double his monthly bill.

One year later, with his ENERGY STAR qualified windows installed, Northern Illinois Gas representatives asked to inspect his gas meter for possible faultiness. Because McDowell’s energy usage was so low compared to prior years, the gas company was concerned his meter was malfunctioning.

“We estimate that these Simonton windows save us almost 50 percent on our gas bills!” says Mr. McDowell.

An assortment of energy-efficient glass package options allow you to customize your windows to help you achieve the maximum energy savings, no matter where you live. This can include the number of panes, to the gas that is in-between them. 

Our goal is to provide exceptional quality, affordability, and reliable service to our customers.