Atlanta Replacement Window Grids Can Be Stylistic!

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Replacement Window Grids by Simonton windows offers options which allows homeowners creativity and flexibility. The looks and functionality of the windows and doors are exceptional. We offer our homeowner’s choices when we bring Simonton Windows into their homes. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality, affordability, and reliable service to our customers. Vinyl Replacement Windows offer choices to homeowners in Atlanta.  We’ve combined a variety of color choices and grids in an assortment of styles and patterns so you can find what you need to coordinate with the architecture and decor of your home.

Now homeowners can choose window grids options for purely stylistic reasons

Replacement Window grids are available to include, single hung windows, horizontal slider windows, fixed picture windows, fixed arch windows, half circle windows, circle top windows, and fixed perimeter windows. John Stark is the marketing manager for Simonton – I would like to share this article with you by clicking on the link below.

“Along with our standard between-the-glass grid options of flat and sculptured, we also offer contoured grids in a variety of patterns,” says John Stark, marketing manager for Simonton Windows. “With the contoured grids we have the option of diamond, octagon, oval, elliptical, eyebrow, half round and a wide assortment of other designs.”  He also points out,  “homeowners prefer grids between-the-glass in vinyl home windows for their maintenance-free lifestyle.”

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