Replacement Window Projects Generate High ROI 2015

replacement window projects alpharettaIf your windows are more than 15 years old, you may be putting up with draftiness, windows that stick in their frames, and skyrocketing energy bills. Energy-efficient windows would be a great improvement project.  According to remodeler magazine, the replacement projects outlined in the “Cost vs. Value Report” that feature vinyl windows, shows that replacement window projects had payoffs topping 100%.  This is an high ROI and shows that the replacement industry’s return on investment is much higher than remodeling.


 Replacement Window Project Generate High ROI

Within the 102 markets surveyed in the 2015 report, 269 of the 3,672 total projects—that’s 7.3%—had payoffs topping 100%. The steel entry door job was most common, recouping all its costs and more in 43 markets. It’s no surprise that replacement jobs—such as door, window, and siding projects—generated a higher return than remodeling projects. Replacement projects showed an average return of 73.2% in this year’s report, just a smidgen below its 73.7% last year, while the cost-value ratio of remodeling projects sank to 60.8% in this year’s report from 65.1% last year


Window Style and Shape Can Impact the Cost of Replacement Window Projects

Although the following factors can have an impact on the cost of replacement windows and sliding patio doors, you may find them worthwhile:

  • Casement windows—typically more expensive, but unlike a Double Hung window— provide a clean, unobstructed view and allow more natural light into the home. They are also easier to operate for those that aren’t able to lift or slide a sash.

  • Exterior architectural geometric shapes and other aesthetic configurations may cost extra, but give you the ability to integrate your window style with the look of your home. They add extra curb appeal and potentially increase the resell value to your home.

  • Customizable window options such as select hardware, grids, decorative glass and exterior colors that, again, may come with additional costs but further help to reflect your individual taste.


Now that you’ve got a ballpark number, you’d probably like to know what factors can influence the total cost of window replacement, some of which can make your project much less or much more expensive.  Call Jeff today at 770-318-8514.