12 Questions for Your Window Replacement Contractor

replacement windows atlantaEfficiency, Value and Comfort is what you get when you buy Simonton Windows. Your windows and doors should be as energy-efficient as possible. Top 10 Questions for Georgia Window Replacements

  1. What is it going to cost?   We like this questions because we have no hidden costs in our estimates.  Atlanta Vinyl Windows is considered the most affordable window replacement company in Georgia.  We don’t hire sales staff nor do we subcontract our installs.  This enables us to pass a considerable savings to our customers.  Some of our competitors will argue that if you pay less you get less? This can be part of the hype in Window Replacement Industry.  Vinyl Window Replacements can be affordable.  We offer quality and affordablity. 
  2. What is Low-E Glass?  Low E Coated Glass –   The glass. ProSolar glass packages feature Low E coatings for improved efficiency. Unlike clear glass, ProSolar Low E coatings help lower heating and cooling costs.  That’s why Simonton developed innovative, high performance glass packages designed to meet your specific needs.
  3. What is Solar Heat Gain?  It is how much heat created by the sun warms up a given space.  The lower the solar heat the better a product is blocking unwanted heat gain. Window Replacement in Atlanta is particularly important during the summer months.
  4. What is U-Factor? U-factor measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping a home or building?  It ranges generally between .20 and 1.20 the lower the U-factor the better the product is keeping heat in. 
  5. How much will I save on my Utility Bills?  This is a common question and is considered hype within the Replacement Window Industry. This question cannot be answered.   We can’t tell you how much you will save on your utility bills?  However, I can tell you that I have had customers tell me that they have seen a difference immediately.  See what our customers are saying.
  6. What about Wood Rot?  This is an important question in the Replacement Window Industry; Yes we replace wood rot with PVC and/or non rot material.  It looks like real wood brick mold, window sill ect.  We don’t charge extra to take out Wood Rot unless there is extensive damage. 
  7. Are you insured and licensed?  Yes
  8. How long have been in business?  We have been serving Metro Atlanta Homeowners since 1989.  Jeff is concerned one of Atlanta’s top window replacement experts.
  9. Why don’t you have a showroom?  We are asked this question due to the hype that is associated with showrooms in window replacement in georgia. A window replacement showroom is a gimmick.   It allows companies to over charge the products and installs, and say that they are actually more dependable due to the showroom.  A showroom cost money, and the consumer pays for this.  We bring the product to your home.  All of the hype is a smokescreen to overcharge customers. Window replacement can be affordable. 
  10. Which window do you recommend? We pride ourselves in carrying the best replacement window atlanta, in the industry. We only carry Simonton Windows.  The reason is we consider this window manufacturer to build one of the top windows in the industry.  We have built a good relationship with this manufacturer.   
  11. What is your warranty? We carry replacement windows with lifetime warranty as well as, lifetime warranty on our installs.  We are North Georgia’s most recommended Window Replacement Company due to our service, warranty, and products.
  12.  Are you on site during the installation process?  Yes, Jeff installs every window himself.  We don’t rely on sub-contractors to install windows.  We pass this savings down to our customers.
     Call Jeff today for your free in-home window replacements consultation.  770-318-8514