Replacement Windows Are A Good Choice for Your Home

Replacement Window AlpharettaChoosing the best replacement window depends on how much you want to spend, what type of look you want, how much maintenance you’re willing to do,  or pay for, and where you live will depend upon Replacement Windows average cost. Vinyl replacement windows are the most popular type of window by far. The reasons are clear: they cost less than wood or fiberglass windows, insulate well and require little regular maintenance. Its color runs through the material, so vinyl windows won’t show damage such as scratches as readily as some other types of windows like wood windows.

How Much Will Replacement Windows Average Cost?  

Today most people are concerned about how expensive certain home improvement’s are.  Because we don’t have a huge overhead, showroom, or several employees to pay.  We are able to pass this down to our customers.  Our cost is at least 1/2 less expensive than the big guys.  We carry one of the top vinyl replacement windows in the industry.  Replacement windows average cost according to consumer reports is; $150 to $1,000-plus per window.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

  1. Affordable
  2. Requires little maintenance
  3. Enhances the look of your home
  4. Provides comfort
  5. Easy to open – they don’t stick like some wood windows
  6. Energy-Efficient
  7. Quiet & less drafty
  8. Easy to clean

 Finding a Window Replacement Installer

Using the same contractor for purchase and installation can minimize the chances of problems arising later. The best windows won’t deliver the look or comfort you expect if they’re installed poorly. Many major window manufacturers train and certify installers for their specific products.  According to  consumer reports –  Simonton Windows  is one of their top picks for window manufacturer’s. We are one of Simonton Windows Preferred Installers, as well as the #1 contractor in our building supply company that sells Simonton Windows.  Jeff has been installing windows for over 25 years and is a vinyl window expert.  We haven’t met a customer that wasn’t happy with the service we provide.   The bottom line is you can pay less and get a excellent window installation.  Take a few moments and ask Jeff for some references.  You will be shocked at what the other guys are charging.  Call Jeff today, if you are looking for a window installer expert in the Atlanta area.  770-318-8514