Simonton Window Replacement Cuts Energy Bill by 50%

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Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Add Value

Illinois homeowner Stu McDowell knows the value of a good energy-efficient window. An electrical engineer by trade, McDowell started selling windows for Evergreen Door and Window in 2001. His expertise in both areas led him to select Simonton vinyl windows with woodgrain interiors for his ranch-style home window replacement project.

“Dollar-for-dollar, Simonton windows offer the best value,” says McDowell, a resident of Evergreen Park, Ill. “That’s what I’ve told my customers, and it’s what I believe. That’s why I had them installed in my home.”

McDowell’s confidence in Simonton’s windows paid off immediately. Before the window replacement, he and his wife Gloria were already on a budgeted energy payment plan with Northern Illinois Gas Company. And as he started his window replacement project, McDowell was notified to expect an energy price hike that would more than double his monthly bill.

One year later, with his ENERGY STAR qualified windows installed, Northern Illinois Gas representatives asked to inspect his gas meter for possible faultiness. Because McDowell’s energy usage was so low compared to prior years, the gas company was concerned his meter was malfunctioning.

“There was nothing wrong with our meter,” says McDowell. “It was our window investment paying off. We requested triple pane glass, Krypton gas fill and Simonton’s Super Spacer System in the glass package to maximize the efficiency of the windows.

“We estimate that these Simonton windows save us almost 50 percent on our gas bills!”

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