Add Elegance When Choosing Grids For Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows AtlantaWindow grids provide replacement windows a sense of style and beauty, When any type of window style takes on the look of multiple panes, the exterior of the home displays something a little extra. Many times homeowners choose to add window grids, they are added to patio doors and entrance doors as well as windows.  Grids can add style and dimension to your replacement windows.

Grids Are A Great Option for Replacement Windows 

If you are looking for ways to make them aesthetically more appealing and add more curb appeal to the front elevation of your home.  Vinyl replacement windows are an easy and affordable option.  We can help to tell you what type of investment you would be looking at if you are adding window grids.

Replacement Windows Have Different Colors and Finishes When Selecting Window Grids

Enhance your home’s curb appeal when considering adding grids.  Here are a few colors to consider Driftwood, Maple, Tan, White, Oak Medium, Oak Contemporary, Oak Amber, and Oak Honey for Replacement windows. Grid patterns are available on replacement, specialty replacement window models. Some grid patterns are enclosed within the insulated glass unit so they provide all the warmth and beauty and don’t interfere with cleaning.

replacement window finishes

Here is a tip from Simonton Windows – Soften Direct Light
Too much direct sunlight is also an issue in kitchens since it makes it hot and unpleasant to work in. Simple wood blinds or woven wood shades, will filter the light without looking too heavy.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with exterior coatings in a variety of colors.  Call Jeff today if you are interested in learning more about different grid options for vinyl window’s.