Simonton Windows Helpful Tips for Energy Savings








October is Energy Awareness Month

October is a key month for families to review their homes for energy savings.  The experts at Simonton Windows offer the following tips to help you evaluate your windows.

Tip #1 – Examine the inside of your windows and patio doors for hot and cold “drafty” spots (or drafty areas). This indicates air infiltration which can lead to reduced energy efficiency.

Tip #2 – Check every window and door to make sure there is adequate weatherstripping and caulking around the units. This helps eliminate air infiltration and ensure a weather tight, secure seal.

Tip #3 – Check the “fit” of your current windows or patio doors by having someone stand outside the units at night. With a small flashlight, stand inside and “travel” around the edge of the units. If the person outside sees light coming through the edges, this indicates a poor installation and is resulting in energy loss.

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