Replacement Window Ratings Provide Homeowners with Valuable Information

Reading Window Labels for Replacement Window Ratings According to NFRC the energy lost through windows represents four to five percent of total annual U.S. energy consumption at a cost of $50 billion. NFRC Label Shopping Guide helps homeowners compare different products and make informed purchasing decisions. Most window manufacturers have an NFRC label. Below is […]

Simonton Windows Delivers High Performance Glass Packages

High Performance Glass Packages Designed By Simonton Windows Simonton Windows glass packages deliver Pro-efficiency, pro-value, and pro-comfort. Your windows and doors should be energy-efficient. Simonton Windows has developed innovative, high performance glass packages designed to meet your specific needs. Simonton Windows has made it remarkably easy to choose a glass package that will help keep […]

How To Reduce Window Condensation

Understanding Window Condensation in Your Home Did you know that moisture levels in the home are one of the easiest elements to alter so that mold will not grow in a house. Since people prefer humidity levels that are generally below the critical relative humidity for mold growth to occur, the simple acts of using […]

Reassuring Homeowners About Winter Window Replacements

  Winter Is An Ideal Time For Replacement Windows Some homeowners worry about replacing their windows during winter months.  We wanted to take a moment to reassure Atlanta Homeowners that replacement windows during the winter months are easy and quick. Winter is our busy season, we find that most homeowners enjoy the immediate satisfaction they […]

Simonton Windows Helpful Tips for Energy Savings

            October is Energy Awareness Month October is a key month for families to review their homes for energy savings.  The experts at Simonton Windows offer the following tips to help you evaluate your windows. Tip #1 – Examine the inside of your windows and patio doors for hot and […]

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

          Replacement Windows Tax Credits for Atlanta Homeowners Simonton Windows provides glass packages that are energy efficient and Energy Star Rated.  We found this very interesting when looking for Replacement Windows benefits.  Tax Credit amount is 10% of the cost, up to $500, but windows are capped at $200.  They must […]