7 Top Vinyl Replacement Window Benefits

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The Atlanta Summer heat can put a toll on high energy bills.  Whether you live in high humidity or below-freezing temperatures, there are many types of windows to choose from. If you’re considering replacing your windows or wondering why you should, check out the following 5 vinyl replacement window benefits.

 7 Top Vinyl Replacement Window Benefits

1. Improve Energy Efficiency

Windows may appear passive, but in reality they are always performing. They affect the flow of heat in and out of your home, as well as the amount of natural light, and this influences how much electricity you need to use to keep your home comfortable.   Improving energy is a top reason that vinyl window benefits are essential.

2. Improves Comfort

In winter, poor quality windows, and those that aren’t well insulated, can create drafts in the home. Egress windows (sometimes called escape windows), for example, are required by many building codes, for any room to be used as a bedroom. This means that if there is no door directly to the outside, at least one window must provide an opening wide enough to allow an adult to exit the house to the outdoors. Local codes specify the size of the opening and, if the standard window does not provide that sized opening, special windows must be used that can produce that area. This is often a consideration for basement renovations.

3. Improve Safety and Conform to Codes

In some instances, replacing old windows can improve the safety of the home.Under the NFRC Program, windows, doors, and skylights – otherwise known as fenestration products – are independently tested, certified, and labeled. Their label does not recommend which products to buy. It simply provides you with information on how the product will perform so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

4. UV Rays – Most people love having natural light in the home, but excessive ultraviolet rays can cause fading in your home’s interior. Protect your home’s walls, floors, and furnishings by choosing windows that have Low-E insulating double-pane or triple-pane glass with argon that provide added protection from UV-rays – like sunscreen for your house!

5. . Easy Maintenance – Replacing your existing windows with new quality windows that feature advanced designs will increase sustainability. Look for easy-clean features, durability, and quality construction. Innovative designs like between-the-glass blinds, shades or grilles not only contribute to less time spent cleaning, they can also reduce the dust and allergens in your home.

6. Increase Value of Your Home – ROI when updating exterior and interior remodeling.

7. Improves Homes Curb Appeal – Curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers notice. It doesn’t matter how nice your remodeled kitchen looks if you can’t get anyone through the front door.

If you have decided now is not the time to buy windows we can offer you some advise to help you through the hot summer months.

How to Improve Insulation Around Windows

Here are a few tips if you decide to keep your old windows; In winter or summer months, poor quality windows, and those that aren’t well insulated, can create drafts in the home.

Poor quality, inefficient windows create the feeling of draft due to the physics of changing air temperatures – warm air near a cold pane of glass will quickly cool, fall, and create a cycle of moving air. Windows and doors with lower U-factor ratings will lessen this effect, reduce the feeling of draft, and lower heating bills.

Improving the insulation around doors and windows with weather-stripping may also reduce drafts by reducing air flow.In summer, it can be difficult to adequately and efficiently cool a room with poor window quality because the sun is able to directly influence and heat the air temperature of the room. Windows with lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) will lessen this effect and improve the ability to efficiently keep a room cool — lowering cooling bills and reducing frequent temperature fluctuations.

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