Installing Replacement Windows is a Smart Investment

vinyl window replacement installation alpharettaA boring exterior can make you unhappy every time you approach the front door, while a updated exterior that is thoughtfully designed can give homeowners contentment while increasing curb appeal.   It can be a difficult task to even decide on what home improvement projects to undertake. That is why curb appeal is and always will be important.  Exterior projects as some of the most attractive and valuable for homeowners.   We are one of Atlanta’s top vinyl replacement window contractors.  Our goal is provide homeowners with simple solutions at affordable costs & superior craftsmanship.  Here are a few helpful tips that will make your home more welcoming.

First Impressions Are Everything 

Whether you’re buying, selling or totally content in your home, one of your most important features is your curb appeal. It’s the first impression someone gets when they see your home.  The right replacement or remodeling project, when done well, also has the potential to make for a quicker sale and to reduce negotiations with buyers over perceived shortcomings. Real estate agents are experts on the homes in your area and can provide this type of insight to homeowners who think selling may be in their future.

  1. An entry-door can give your home a new look, as well as, helping you save money on energy.  We consider this to be one of the top to do’s when discussing curb appeal.
  2. Front porch or walk way should give a welcoming sign when guests come to visit.  
  3. New windows can help your home look fresh and stylish, as well as, giving you comfort and save money on energy.
  4. Fresh paint or siding is always a must do.  It will help enhance your home, and give a new fresh appeal.
  5. New roofs are always one of the most important factors when updating your home’s exterior.

When Installing Replacement Windows is a Smart Investment

Replacing Home Windows Helps Spruce Up Existing Elements . Kate Smith, president of Sensational Color, says color is one of the most important aspects of great curb appeal. “Whether you’re adding a new component to the home’s exterior or sprucing up existing elements, color plays a major role in creating curb appeal,” says Smith. “The front door, shutters and trim are the ideal locations for major color additions that complement the overall color palette of the home.” 

According to a survey taken by Simonton Windows – Windows are the number one selling point when upgrading an exterior. The question “In which areas have you had the most success selling home exterior upgrades” had the answer of “windows” as the top choice. We can only believe that vinyl windows in particular, with all their curb appeal, low maintenance and energy efficiency options meet the buyer’s desire for great design, curb appeal and easy-care.  Replacement windows add curb appeal and increase your home’s value.  Also considering other exterior remodeling projects can help increase your home’s value.

To support builders, homeowners and other industry professionals with adding these eye-popping Decorum by Simonton features to the home, we proudly offer the downloadable guide “FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior”.  Click here for a free download guide to help choose colors when upgrading your home’s exterior.

If you are in the market for new windows please give Jeff a call 770-318-8514.   He is an expert vinyl replacement window contractors.