Buying Double-Hung Windows Can Save Money

When shopping for new windows, doors, and skylights, there are several choices that will be made based on preferred style, material, and budget. As a shopper, particularly first time shoppers, the process of purchasing windows and making wise choices can be simpler if you understand the general structure of a window.  

How to Choose Styles and Sizes for Vinyl Replacement Windows 

At Atlanta Vinyl Windows, we provide vinyl replacement windows that will fit any budget.  You will get quality window installation at affordable prices.  Replace your old wood windows or your aluminum windows with energy efficient vinyl windows.  We have listed below some of the styles that you can choose from for your window replacement needs.

Double HVinyl Replacement Windows Atlantaung Windows

Both sash on double hung opens fully.  This is the most popular style for window replacement in Atlanta.

Single Hung Windows

Top sash remains fixed while bottom sash opens. The beauty, energy-efficient design of the single-hung window makes them a smart choice for your home when you look for Atlanta window replacement.

Double Slider Windows

Both sash open and close by gliding from side to side.  This window opens for maximum ventilation and allows you to enjoy the outdoors when you have new vinyl replacement windows.

Single Slider Windows

One sash opens and closes by gliding from side to side, while the other remains fixed.  This window is easy to clean and operate.

Atlanta Windows - Johns CreekNot All Glass is Created Equal Vinyl Replacement Windows

Glass: An inorganic, amorphous substance, usually transparent, composed of silica (sand), soda (sodium carbonate), and lime (calcium carbonate) with small quantities of other materials.  The space between the layers of glass is filled with a gas or combination of gasses, which is then sealed in place, creating a sealed insulated glazing unit. Though there are a number of gasses used (such as Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and others), and each window manufacturer may have its own proprietary formula, all are chosen for the increased ability of the gas (compared to normal air) to insulate the window.

In addition to the gas fill, window glass may be treated to further increase the energy efficiency of the window. There have been significant technological developments involving low-emissivity (low-E) coatings on the glass. There are many glass products available with low-E coatings, which are typically used with multiple-pane insulating glass units.  Here is a helpful link to describe Anatomy of Windows.


Your windows and doors should be as energy-efficient as possible. That’s why Simonton developed innovative, high performance glass packages designed to meet your specific needs.Call Jeff Today for information on Atlanta Window Styles 770-318-8514