Trying to Decide Whether to Buy Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Wood Windows?

Vinyl Replacement Windows - Alpharetta, GaVinyl windows are the ones you hear about all the time.  There are several reasons why Vinyl Replacement Windows are so popular.  Vinyl is a very good insulator and usually contains an insulating gas such as argon.  Wood and vinyl windows may perform similarly when it comes to energy efficiency, but when you consider ease of installation, vinyl is an excellent choice for all these reasons:

  1. Vinyl retains its finish – there’s no need to sand, re-stain and repaint!
  2. Vinyl won’t pit, peel or flake like wood.
  3. Vinyl holds up to repeated use, maintaining its beauty year after year.
  4. Great insulating value
  5. Beauty and appearance of wood without the hassle of maintaining it
  6. Strength and durability
  7. Excellent resistance to rotting, 
  8. Low Maintenance

Are you thinking of replacing a few windows, but don’t know whether to choose vinyl or wood windows?

Recently I was reading an article from My fix It Up Life.  Mark says “Many wood windows meet Energy Star requirements but to stay low maintenance, they’re clad with aluminum on the exterior. It works, but it costs money.  Vinyl windows meet my “lot and not” mojo, and then some. Vinyl is extremely energy efficient—and is easier on budget.” 

Vinyl is simply a better choice when comparing wood replacement windows over vinyl replacement windows in Atlanta.

How To Evaluate If You Really Need Vinyl Replacement Windows?

  1. Evaluate the functionality of your current windows. If you have condensation between glass panes, the windows are hard to open or close, your energy bills are soaring, or if there are drafts coming in around the window units, then it’s time to seriously consider vinyl replacement windows in Atlanta.
  2. Determine how many panes of glass are in your windows. Single-paned windows are the least energy efficient. You can replace them with double- or triple-paned ENERGY STAR compliant windows to enhance energy efficiency and make your home more comfortable during all seasons.
  3. Look at the frames of your windows. If they’re made of a product that needs constant maintenance like wood, you’re probably spending a good deal of time scraping paint and repainting every year or so. An investment in vinyl-framed windows would be smart since these low-maintenance frames eliminate maintenance hassles.


 Vinyl is definitely the smarter choice when trying to decide on Wood vs. Vinyl.  Call Jeff today for more information regarding Vinyl Replacement Windows in Atlanta.  770-318-8514