Do I Need To Replace My Windows?

affordable windows atlantaBy improving the performance of your windows, you may be able to save on energy bills. Many people in the market for energy efficient windows wonder if they can get products that will help reduce air conditioning bills in the summer and cut heating bills during the winter. 

  You can indeed find products that make your home more comfortable while saving energy. To encourage energy efficient homes, some utility companies offer rebates for home improvements such as new windows. Check with your local utility to find out about rebates and to ensure that you purchase qualifying products.

How To Improve Comfort in Your Home

Vinyl window replacement can help improve the comfort of your home.  Sometimes you can make some changes that might be helpful as well. Here are a few tips; In winter, poor quality windows, and those that aren’t well insulated, can create drafts in the home. Poor quality, inefficient windows create the feeling of draft due to the physics of changing air temperatures – warm air near a cold pane of glass will quickly cool, fall, and create a cycle of moving air. Windows and doors with lower U-factor ratings will lessen this effect, reduce the feeling of draft, and lower heating bills.

Improving the insulation around doors and windows with weather-stripping may also reduce drafts by reducing air flow.In summer, it can be difficult to adequately and efficiently cool a room with poor window quality because the sun is able to directly influence and heat the air temperature of the room. Windows with lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) will lessen this effect and improve the ability to efficiently keep a room cool — lowering cooling bills and reducing frequent temperature fluctuations.

Vinyl windows replacement cumming gaDo Your Windows Meet The Energy-Efficient Guidelines?

Under the NFRC Program, windows, doors, and skylights – otherwise known as fenestration products – are independently tested, certified, and labeled. Their label does not recommend which products to buy. It simply provides you with information on how the product will perform so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.  Feel free to browse this site it can be very helpful.

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