Vinyl Window Styles to Fit Any Budget

Vinyl Windows AtlantaDon’t like grids inhibiting your view, but still want great style? Not a problem. You have many options when shopping for vinyl window styles.When it’s time to replace worn out windows or you just want a new look for your home, it’s time to go shopping for windows. There are countless options for new windows from inexpensive off-the-shelf models to custom versions. The style of your home will help you decide what type of grid pattern you want on your windows, and there are plenty to choose from in both ready-made windows and custom versions.

Customize your windows with a perimeter grid pattern.

Vinyl window styles never got easier.  Window grids can be the perfect accent to any home. From colonial to contemporary homes, there’s a window grille pattern to suit every house style. Learn how to choose the ideal window grille pattern for your home below.  Typically, these types of homes simply have divided light, double-hung windows with six individual panes of glass separated by muntins in both the top and bottom panels of the windows.

Vinyl Windows AlpharettaVinyl Window Styles to Fit Any Budget

A prairie style window is divided into 9 unequal panes. A prairie window has four small square corner panes, four long rectangle edge panes, and one large center square pane.

A craftsman style window is simplistic and evokes feelings of permanence. Craftsman windows are usually divided into 2 panes and are horizontally rectangular more often than in typical architecture.

A colonial style window is usually divided into an equal number of panes – and can commonly be seen in sets of 9, 6, or 4. Colonial style windows are among the most common in new homes – with classic appeal.

There are many more patterns to choose from for your vinyl window style needs.  Call Jeff today for a free in-home, no hassle, no hype estimate.  770-31-8514