Top Vinyl Window Styles to Choose From

double hung replacement windows cumming gaThere are a few things to consider when shopping for vinyl windows in Atlanta.  First you need to think about how many windows are you going to replace?

1.The quantity of windows you need

2. What size they should be

3. Their primary role (more light?, better view? all of the above?)

4. Visual style are all examples of design considerations.

What to Look for When Shopping for Vinyl Windows

  • Provide sufficient light and offer a visual connection to the outside environment.
  • Control and maintain the desired temperature in the house. That means keeping the heat in during the cold months and “pushing off” the sun’s heat during the warm months.
  • Getting the proper airflow and ventilation.
  • Complementing and enhancing the exterior appearance of your home. A window’s size, style and placement are all factors in the overall aesthetic appeal of your house.

Atlanta Vinyl Window Replacement

Window Styles to Choose From


A double-hung window has two vertically sliding sash in a single frame. Double-hungs lift open while remaining flush with the wall, making them ideal around patios, decks and walkways.


Casement windows are hinged windows that, with a turn of a crank, open outward to the right or to the left. Casements are common above kitchen sinks for areas where full venting windows are desired, and give you flexibility to group in stunning combinations.


Stationary windows, as the name states, are windows that don’t open. Often referred to as picture windows, they’re typically used to provide maximum light and an unobstructed view, and are often combined with venting windows.


Specialty windows are stationary windows characterized by their special shapes, including curves and dramatic angles. They can make a signature statement in your home and provide a delicate lighting accent.


Bay and bow windows are window combinations that project outward from a home. These dramatic combinations can add space, volume and light to a room and add more personality to any home.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. They catch breezes from the left or right and are often used above, below or alongside stationary windows.


Gliding windows feature two sash, with at least one of the sash sliding horizontally past the other. They give you the advantages of double-hung windows with a more contemporary look.

Vinyl Window’s & Grid Patterns that Fit Any Style

From farmhouse to modern, learn what grid options work best with certain home styles.  The style of your home will help you decide what type of grid pattern you want on your windows, and there are plenty to choose from in both ready-made windows and custom versions.

The Best Vinyl Window that Fit’s for Your Style

Awning windows – which can be pulled in or pushed out, are also perfect for ventilation, which can be especially helpful in a hot kitchen. Since hot air from the oven or stove typically rises, awning style windows perform the best when placed close to the ceiling or above eye-level.

Casement windows  or sliding – which use a crank out method for opening and closing.  Are two good options for hard to reach areas like the kitchen sink.

Garden windows look like mini bay windows that jut out from your home. They’re typically found in kitchens because they offer lots of natural light and add more space.  There are many different styles to choose from – we offer homeowners affordable vinyl window replacement.  Call today for more information on window styles.

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