How to Save 10% on Energy Bills

Vinyl Windows Replacement Gainesville GaVinyl windows replacement may have been on your “to do” list for a long time, and now you’re worried you may have missed the boat because of the weather. That’s not the case at all. There’s still plenty of time to get energy efficient windows, so you can enjoy a beautiful new look, warmth and savings – all at the same time!  Winter is nearly here, which is why this is the perfect time to buy vinyl windows replacement. And if you don’t think windows can create a whole new look for a home, think again! 

If you aren’t ready to take the leap here are a few tips that might help during the cold winter months.

Give your Furnace a Tune-up

Did you know giving your furnace a tune-up could save you 10% on your energy bill? Who knows what you could do with all those savings!

Reverse your Ceiling Fan

This may seem counter-intuitive. Turn something on and you’ll save money? It’s completely true though. If you reverse your ceiling fan so that it spins clockwise it will help trap heat inside, thus keeping your home warmer.

ENERGY STAR Appliances Help Save Money

This may be obvious. But did you know switching to all ENERGY STAR appliances could save you $115 annually? That’s a nice chunk of change.

Seal Windows to Save Money!

Sealing windows is a simple fix could end up saving you a TON of money.  Sealing air leaks around your home and adding insulation can help your home be more comfortable and energy efficient and provide up to a 10% savings on your annual energy bills.


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