Top 5 Reasons Vinyl Windows Are a Smart Investment

window replacement atlantaVinyl windows vs wood windows raises some questions. Did you know that  you can have the look of wood windows without the maintenance? Most homeowners don’t realize that there are wood grain laminates that look like wood. Vinyl is definitely the smarter choice and over the long term, there’s simply no comparison when it comes to vinyl windows vs wood windows.

Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows

1. Vinyl windows resist rotting, corrosion, salt air, termites, and air pollutants.

2. Vinyl retains its finish – so there’s no need to sand, re-stain, or repaint!

3. Vinyl windows are more affordable (as little as half the price of comparable wood windows).

4. Vinyl windows resist pitting, peeling, or flaking unlike wood windows.

5. Vinyl windows hold up to repeated use, maintaining their beauty year after year.

Realistic looking wood laminates are available in a variety of wood-grains such as oak, cherry, and maple. The good news is your decision doesn’t have to be complicated. Because once you do a head-to-head comparison, you’ll see that vinyl is simply a better choice than other materials. It’s certainly superior to aluminum windows and doors – which readily conducts heat and cold making them far less energy efficient. And, as you’re about to discover, vinyl outperforms wood, too.

The Best Reasons Why We Like Vinyl Windows vs Wood Windows

  • Low maintenance
  • Great insulating value
  • Beauty and appearance of wood without the hassle of maintaining it
  • Strength and durability


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